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Simple tool to send out professional marketing SMS messages
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Simple web application

To use the Vamp Digital SMS app, you only need internet connection. We will take care of the rest.


Countless possibilities

With the SMS app you can send single or bulk SMS-s, import lists, view reports and plenty more.

Trusted by TOP brands

  • SMS is one of the best ways to reach our customers and the Vamp Digital SMS app is one of the best tools out there. Easy to use and great prices.

    Rando Pärna, Presenter Ltd

What is Vamp Digital SMS app?

The SMS app is a tool designed to simplify your SMS marketing. With Vamp Digital SMS app you can send out promotions, campaigns, offers or keep in touch with your customers. With the simple web-based tool you can keep track of the sent messages with detailed reports to make sure that every message you send has the highest impact.

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Connect with CRM through API

Vamp Digital SMS can be joined to any CRM via a simple API so you can start to automate your client communication. Join now and try it out for free.

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Personalised messages

You can use personal fields sucha as name, address, previous purchase, discount code, to give extra impact to your SMS marketing campaign.

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Easy to use

SMS app does not require any special skills. Just log-in, type the SMS, select the recepients (or copy-paste from any source) and you are ready to send.

Vamp Digital SMS app

SMS is a simple web-based tool designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible. If you do have some questions, we offer 24/7 support* to answer all your needs.


SMS prices

Vamp Digital SMS app is FREE to use. There are now charges to join or monthly fees to use. You only pay for sent SMS-s

To use the SMS sending tool, you only need to purchase SMS credits. Before sending the SMS, you can calculate the exact cost so that you don't ever over spend.

Prices per SMS

Up to 10 000 SMS
0,05 EUR per SMS

Up to 20 000 SMS
0,045 EUR per SMS

More than 20 000 SMS
0,039 EUR per SMS

Prices are per SMS when purchasing SMS credit. VAT is not included.
For example, if you wish to send 15 000 SMS messages, we will send you an invoice for 675.- EUR + VAT. The validity of the SMS credits is 24 months and can not be reclaimed. Before sending an SMS campaign, you can calculate the exact cost so that you will never have to over spend.

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SMS campaign packages

Although the SMS app is designed to be as easy and intuitive as possible, we also offer hands off full SMS marketin packages. We have sent thousands of SMS campaigns to customers over three continents. We know our way around SMS and mobile campaigns.

To make sure that your SMS markeing has the highest possible results, we will also create a special mobile landing page. From the page you can collect customer data or even get the customers to make purchases. Get your customers to react immediately to your marketing offer.


109.- EUR

  • Mobile landing page
  • Scheduled SMS
  • Delivery reports
  • Price per SMS 0,05 EUR

195.- EUR

  • SMS text copy
  • Mobile landing page
  • Scheduled SMS
  • Delivery reports
  • Price per SMS 0,045 EUR

495.- EUR

  • Copy for 3 SMS texts
  • 2 mobile landing pages
  • A/B campaign testing
  • Scheduled SMS
  • Delivery reports
  • Price per SMS 0,04 EUR

You have a question concerning our prices? Get in touch!.

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